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Gardener & Owner

I'm very familiar with the feeling, "I don't have a green thumb."


Growing up in the Texas desert, I never thought about gardening.

Then in 2005, we moved to the Greater Philadelphia Area.

It was then that I fell in love with the rhythm of seasons I had never before experienced.


In 2010, my garden journey began as a result of a vegetable garden my husband built in our backyard. I remember thinking, "I will not be responsible for attempting to keep those plants alive. I have no idea what to do."


What unravelled over the years I have compared to an explosion of therapeutic creativity. We went from one 4' x 8' veggie garden to eventually building a 40' x 40' community garden that consisted of fruits, veggies, and flowers.


Gardening has been a common thread through the seasons of lost loved ones, hard family moves, loss of a little one, birth of little ones, and celebrations of new opportunities. In all of those seasons, gardening has been a restorative haven for me.


There is significant research studies showing the benefits of gardening as well as being in nature. Benefits range from reduced stress, increased energy, peace of mind, and so much more.


As a self-taught gardener, along the way I have fallen in love with sharing my garden passion with others. It's been a joy to garden shoulder to shoulder with friends and family.


In 2015, my passion for gardening expanded beyond my home into the garden beds of a local non-for-profit. It was there that my passion grew for gardening with perennials and annuals. I found such joy maintaining their garden beds and unearthing beauty within them. I also first fell in love with growing dahlias.


In 2019, I founded Hello Green Thumb LLC. I had been dreaming about creating an avenue for spreading the joy of gardening as well as deep desire to help equip people to see they too have a green thumb.


A lot of my journey has been being willing to dig in and get dirty. Gardening is not perfect. You have to deal with weather, critters, and sometimes even family members who may harm your plants. It's important to see that a garden job is not a once and done job. It's a relationship. It's a matter of tender care and nurturing.


Hello Green Thumb is here to serve residential homes, meeting their small scale garden bed needs. We do this through helping plan, plant, and maintain garden beds and help their owners discover, they too have a green thumb.

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