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10 Gardening Tools and Accessories Every Gardener Wants for Christmas

With the holiday season upon us, there’s a chance you might be looking to sprinkle some joy into a gardening friend's life or even pamper your own green-thumb passion. There’s something truly special about fostering someone’s love for gardening with tools that  lend a helping hand.  

I’ve handpicked 10 tried and true gardening tools and accessories that have earned a special place in my heart. These recommendations aren’t just random selections - they’re cherished tools that have accompanied me on countless gardening adventures with Hello Green Thumb, making the process truly enjoyable. 

So let’s dive into the list that I am excited to share with you:

1) ARS Hp-300L Needle Nose Fruit Garden Pruners

 These are absolutely my favorite pruners that I use. They’re high quality and last for a long time. As far as convenience, they fit in your pocket or toolbelt, and aren’t too big to have around. Also, don’t be deceived by their label as fruit pruners; I’ve used them to cut everything from flowers to bushes, with an ability to cut as thick as a ¼ inch wood stem.

Amazon Link: 

2) Kebada Gardening Gloves

When it comes to gardening gloves, I go through them pretty quickly! I weed and garden for several hours a day for my clients, so I like my gloves to be of higher quality than most. I also wash mine and they tend to get worn out from being washed. 

That’s why I use these gloves. They can hold up to 5+ washings before they start to peel. My best advice is to wash them with warm water and don’t put them through the dryer. They come in a package of six, with plenty of colors to choose from. As a plus, they’re very eco-friendly and have less waste than normal gloves.

Amazon Link: 

3) Artline Garden Marker

If you've ever struggled with using fading Sharpies on garden tags, this marker is a game-changer. Designed specifically for garden tags, it’s not like a permanent marker. It holds up through all kinds of weather and soil, and the ink lasts much longer. Plus, it’s reusable. Just grab some nail polish remover to wipe it clean and write on it again.

Amazon Link for Marker:

Amazon Link for 6-Inch Planter Labels:

4) Seed Planting Garden Ruler

One tool I never thought I’d need is a garden ruler. But this one is so helpful, I use it often when I’m planting in my personal garden. It tells you how far to space seeds and has holes to make it easier to place and plant. Of course, sometimes you spread seeds closer, but it gives you a great guide for optimal seed placement, ensuring healthier growth.


Amazon Link: 

5) Cobrahead Gardening Tool: the Original

This just might be my favorite tool for weeding. It’s great for weeds that have a really deep root system. You just have to get underneath the weeds, tilt, and it comes out, roots and all. It’s just that easy. When you have a plant or weed that you want pulled up with no roots behind, this is the tool for that!


Amazon Link: 

6) The Best Gardening Hat

Can’t tell you how much I love this gardening hat. It's been my trusty companion for about three years now—comfortable, durable, and versatile. I don’t need to worry when the sun’s out, because it has built-in protection. I can wear it down for a beachy vibe or pin up the sides for a more cowboy look, depending on the task at hand. It's also waterproof, so no more rainwater on my glasses or face while I'm working!

Amazon Link: 

7) Feldco F-2 Garden Pruners

With these pruners, you can have it all. Not only are they great for trimming thin branches, they are also surprisingly effective with thicker ones. I would say that they can handle up to about ½ inch branch. While applying more force may be needed for branches thicker than that, these pruner sare an excellent choice for small to medium-sized branches.

Personally, they've been a lifesaver for me, seamlessly transitioning between different branch sizes during various tasks.For anyone needing adaptability in their pruning tool, I highly recommend these!

Amazon Link: 

8) Japanese Garden Hand Sickle

If you want to avoid disturbing the root system while weeding, this is perfect. All you have to do is use its razor sharp edge to cut the plant  flush to ground level. This hand sickle is one of my favorites to use! It's incredibly user-friendly and my kids love using it when they work with me. Whether it's clearing sidewalks or large amounts of weeds, it makes the job easy and leaves things looking clean.

Amazon Link: 

9) Roo Gardening Apron

Any time I am gardening, whether for a client or at my own home, you'll find me in this apron. Honestly, I practically live in it! It has a built-in pouch that I use for harvesting vegetables or flowers, gathering weeds, and storing tools. They call it a “roo” or a “joey” because of its strong pouch that can be used to store a variety of things. The apron comes in two styles: the full body style (Roo) or just the waist apron (Joey).

Roo Link:

10) Duluth Trading Cargo "Gardening" Pants

I cannot express how much I love these pants. Say goodbye to the tiny pockets in your jeans that barely fit your phone. These pants probably have around 8 pockets, but I haven't even counted them, there’s so many! And they're the perfect size for me to stash my pruners or other tools.

What's great is that a few of the pockets have zippers so that I can keep something from getting dirty. There are belt loops, of course, and with a toolbelt in addition to these pants, you will be able to carry all the tools your heart desires.

Duluth Link:

If you love these gift ideas and are looking for more tips and tricks for your gardening adventure, sign up for my free newsletter and get my Free Watering Guide!

Happy Gardening!

Lori Lovelady

Owner & Found of Hello Green Thumb


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