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Gardener's Gift Guide

If you’re looking for gifts to add to your wish list or need gift ideas for your fellow gardeners- we’ve got you covered! Whether you farm vegetables, groom flowers, or dabble in a little bit of everything, these tools are perfect for any gardener.

Here are my top 10 gift ideas:

1) Harvest Knife & Edging Tool

This knife cuts through roots effortlessly and is perfect for harvesting lettuce and greens. It has 4” of serrated teeth with 7” of length total. It’s a great gift for the gardener looking forward to the upcoming spring crop! Find it here.

2) Best Lightweight Garden Gloves for Summer Months

One of the Gardener’s Workshop best sellers, this Nitrile Touch Glove has a highly sensitive touch and is useful for every task, even for sowing seeds! We recommend getting a size smaller than what you would typically get so that they feel like a ‘second skin’. Lightweight and breathable, a perfect gift for every gardener.

3) Best Heavy Duty Garden Gloves for Cool Months

These heavy duty gloves out-perform leather! They are abrasion and puncture resistant and made with seamless 13-gauge nylon knit liner. They fit like second skin and wear like iron. In addition to great durability they also allow for excellent dexterity.

4) Best Clippers

These clippers are a great all-around tool for your apron or tool vest. They were originally designed for fruit stems but can be used to harvest a variety of stem sizes for extended amounts of time with minimal fatigue. Molded resin handles and stainless steel blades even work well in wet environments.

5) Best Pruners

These pruning shears can be used for a multitude of stems including large sunflowers and wood stems up to 1” in diameter. These shears are designed for one hand operation with non slip coating, with a soft wire cutter and sap groove. Great for any pruning job you have!

6) Multipurpose Trowel

This trowel has a simple design that makes it extremely functional. It is a single piece of stainless steel shaped to form the blade and handle. The blade even includes a depth scale for measuring.

7) Best Garden Kneeler/Stool

With an ergonomic design this garden kneeler helps prevent sore knees and has arm support that assists with standing. Flip the kneeler over and it also functions as a seat! Easy folding makes it easier to store. Great for gardeners who spend lots of time in their garden!

8) A Versatile Garden Apron

The Roo Apron is the ultimate assistant for harvesting vegetables, weeding, or collecting anything that needs to be moved. Empty the Roo pouch simply by releasing the ropes and everything will funnel and fall out the bottom. One size fits all!

9) Seed Options

Looking forward to the spring bloom? Check out these websites to find seeds for flowers, vegetables, live plants, and more! Even imported seeds!

10) Dahlia Options

Are you or do you know a Dahlia lover? Check out these Dahlia suppliers to give your friends and family with beautiful Dahlias bouquets this summer from your own Dahlia harvest or purchase Dahlia tubers as a gift for friends and family for planting (Shipped in Spring for Spring planting). Summer Dreams Farm | Tall Grass Farms | Brent & Becky Bulbs

BONUS Gift Idea!

Best Lightweight Tool

If you’re looking for one more gift idea this light weight tool is great for garden beds! It has 5 tine heads that makes it ideal for turning and aerating soil and ideal for raised garden beds. The cushion grip handle allows for comfort and control!

If you love these gift ideas and are looking for more tips and tricks for your gardening adventure, sign up for our free newsletter and get the Free Watering Guide on us!

Happy Gardening!

Lori Lovelady

Owner & Found of Hello Green Thumb


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